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Most of us like to think that we know exactly where our life is headed. Whether it be pure optimism or just sheer ignorance...when we think/act this way, we're really giving up control of our life's journey.

In order to figure out where we're headed, we must first figure out where exactly we're at in the present moment. This makes it easier to plan for the LONG road ahead. When I say LONG, I really mean Looooong!

A key to gaining a sense of direction that will lead you to success is developing a long-term perspective. What I mean by that is you have to constantly imagine the kind of person you want to become along with the goals (This is where the journey begins; by setting goals for yourself) you want to achieve. This practice helps you come back to the present moment, where you will understand what needs to be done NOW in order for your future wishes to take place.

Don't get caught up 'Thinking' that everything is okay and that you're moving in the right direction (or moving at all for that matter), instead focus on how you are truly feeling about your current actions.


Let’s Grow!
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Okay, so how can we approach confidence in a way in which we can build it up and develop it as one of our habits??

A few really quick ways that come to mind are;
1. Stress testing! Challenge yourself daily
2. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Let's be probably have a pretty regular "not so challenging" routine that you go through on a daily basis. It may seem like you're building consistency, but in fact, you're limiting yourself from growing beyond a fixed mindset.

Put yourself through a routine that will make your mindset stronger by challenging yourself to do things you may not feel like doing, but that is necessary for your growth!

"You will build more confidence in your own ability to make things happen once you take action and start making things happen"

- @zanaorzee

 Let’s Grow!
|L.earn|I.nnovate|V.alue|E.njoy|; Don’t just be Alive
#KeepGrowing #ContinualGrowth


Multi-tasking is not what its all cut out to be. Sure when you're in the moment, it seems like you're able to accomplish more than 1 task at a time, it feels like you're doing MORE, and being efficient about your work. Until of course you're required to keep that same level of energy, time & effort in order to sustain.

Don't get caught up in trying to do everything before you can do anything.
Focusing on one thing at a time slows the process, but it builds it up to last much longer than the idea of getting multiple tasks completed right away.

How though?
Create a system for yourself that will allow you to 'step by step' accomplish each task one at a time. Patience is key here!
Develop habits that will help you achieve your goals (tasks),
write things down, hold yourself accountable for your actions (and lack thereof),
failing is normal so don't get down on yourself when you fall off and start back up again. Remember to enjoy the process, because that's the whole point anyway. 


Slow progress is better than no progress.
Let’s Grow!
|L.earn|I.nnovate|V.alue|E.njoy|; Don’t just be Alive
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If you can let the way you view things help you rather than hurt you, you're already gaining a better perspective of life. 

Control plays a significant part when it comes to how our emotions are affected. We face things on a regular basis that can easily prompt negative reactions, however, it is your attitude that will determine your overall outlook on the situation(s) at hand. 

Remember that time when every single Monday felt like the start of a treacherous week ahead. With a different view, that same day can mark the beginning of a productive week where you will get the most amount of work you've ever gotten done. 

In our last podcast, perspective is the topic of discussion and one of the key takeaways is that our point of view on anything can be altered once we open up for an opportunity to change. 


“The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one.” - Nishan Panwar


Let’s Grow!
|L.earn|I.nnovate|V.alue|E.njoy|; Don’t just be Alive
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Iteration Breeds Routine

Now some people will say living a routine life is BORING.

I get it, I’m the adventurous type myself. That’s not what it means though, because the goals you create for yourself are what will ultimately fall into your routine. If you want to travel the world, start a business, build homes…these are the things you will be working towards and eventually doing as part of your goals. This doesn’t eliminate your aspirations and ambitious hopes and dreams…it makes sure you’re doing everything necessary to reach them.

Iterate to create Routines that will become Rituals.

Find a system (i.e 21's Board) that works for you, and start making a routine of healthy habits that will ultimately become your life rituals.

 Let’s Grow!
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We all have a lot of things going on and sometimes we're not necessarily the best at setting them up in an organized manner. It could be simple things like a catch-up meeting I’ve set with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time or declaring taxes for a new business you just set up. Yeah, both of those are examples of the many things that can potentially make your stress levels increase. 

It takes a different mindset to feel that way… It takes being “Mindful” to accept that it’s not a negative thing.

Know what is going on in your head to help you better understand what is going on around you, and better yet let it assist you in figuring out how to deal with whatever those different things may be.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

Søren Kierkegaard

Take time to reflect. It might be the number one thing to help you grow forward.

Let’s Grow!
|L.earn|I.nnovate|V.alue|E.njoy|; Don’t just be Alive
#KeepGrowing #ContinualGrowth

Here's a percentage breakdown of what most humans worry about according to the late Earl Nightingale who was an American radio speaker and author, dealing mostly with the subjects of human character development, motivation, and meaningful existence:

1. Things that never happen: 40 percent. That is, 40 percent of the things you worry about will never occur anyway.
2. Things that have happened in the past that can’t be changed by all the worry in the world: 30 percent.
3. Needless worries about our health: 12 percent.
4. Petty, miscellaneous worries: 10 percent.
5. Real, legitimate worries: 8 percent. Only 8 percent of your worries are worth concerning yourself about. Ninety-two percent are pure fog with no substance at all.

All that to say this;
1. If you're not experiencing fear today...right now, then you're not taking enough new actions necessary for growth.
2. The worst that can happen is never really that bad. Unless you're facing death or perhaps prison....nothing else can stop you from facing your fears.
" It does not take money or luck to create a great life; It requires the ability to move past your fears with speed and power. Fear, like fire, is not something from which you should pull away. Rather, it should be used to fuel the actions of your life "- Grant Cardone.

Let’s Grow!
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When given perspective...Fear should be an indication that you are indeed doing what's right in order to progress and move forward in the right direction.

One of the more difficult things to do is to not only embrace fear and the change that comes with it. Instead of learning to look for and use fear to figure out exactly what you need to do to overcome it and advance your life is worth the pain.

Tip: Use Fear as a reason to move forward rather than an excuse to stop and let it take control.

Let’s Grow!
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First and foremost it is important to understand that fear is NOT REAL!
Fear is simply just a combination of your uncertain and doubtful thoughts.

So if it's not real then what the hell are most people actually afraid of ???
In most cases it is the outcome, the influence fear has on the decisions we have to make is all out of our control once we give fear space to operate.

Don't let it control your life...

What does time have to do with it??
When we put things off and allow time to accumulate, what we're doing is allowing for our fears to grow deeper and deeper. Often times as previously mentioned we worry about the outcome (usually with a negative view) of facing our fears.
This doesn't have to be true if we can just deprive our fears by not feeding them and allowing them time to grow.

Tip: Whenever you sense that fear is on its way, take MASSIVE action quickly and repeatedly. Show yourself and whatever life throws at you that you are indeed Fearless.

Let’s Grow!
|L.earn|I.nnovate|V.alue|E.njoy|; Don’t just be Alive
#KeepGrowing #ContinualGrowth

Are you tired? Are you scared? Are you happy?
How do you feel about your emotions, your body, your mind?

Questions we don’t ask ourselves enough.

Questions some of us never ask at all.


Self-Awareness is a MUST
If you want to figure out where you’re headed, it’s easier to start with where you are right at this moment. It gives you a better sense as to everything you need to pack up with you for the journey ahead. Digging deeper to understand the person you are or the person you are becoming can only be done by you.

Find out where you need to go (set yourself some goals).
Understand where you currently are physically/mentally (Self-Awareness).
Learn about your self (mind/body/soul),
Challenge the status-quo and recreate things that are Innovative,
Add Value…understand it, appreciate it, bring It,
Last but certainly not least…laugh, smile, dance…whatever!… Just Enjoy it all.

Let’s Grow!
|L.earn|I.nnovate|V.alue|E.njoy|; Don’t just be Alive
#KeepGrowing #ContinualGrowth