Life Ritual

Iteration Breeds Routine

Now some people will say living a routine life is BORING.

I get it, I’m the adventurous type myself. That’s not what it means though, because the goals you create for yourself are what will ultimately fall into your routine. If you want to travel the world, start a business, build homes…these are the things you will be working towards and eventually doing as part of your goals. This doesn’t eliminate your aspirations and ambitious hopes and dreams…it makes sure you’re doing everything necessary to reach them.

Iterate to create Routines that will become Rituals.

Find a system (i.e 21's Board) that works for you, and start making a routine of healthy habits that will ultimately become your life rituals.

 Let’s Grow!
|L.earn|I.nnovate|V.alue|E.njoy|; Don’t just be Alive
#KeepGrowing #ContinualGrowth

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