21’s Board - Continual Growth | Live Your Best Life Through Better Habits
21’s Board - Continual Growth | Live Your Best Life Through Better Habits

21’s Board

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There was a study done in the British Journal of Health Psychology that found that writing down your intention improved your ability to follow through by 91%. This board is that reminder of what you said you’re going to do to win the day. Each day is an opportunity for a small win. String together 21 small wins and just like that, you’ve built a new healthy habit. This board has helped people build healthy habits, gain confidence and develop discipline and consistency.

Learn How to Build Helthy Habits in 21 days!


Examples of 21's

We created this list to help guide you in picking your 21’s. If you’re starting your first 21, make sure you choose something easy, that takes less than 10 minutes and that you fully enjoy.

EASYWORK (Beginner)

- Check off your 21’s Board

- Practice a new skill

- Do a chore

- Brush your teeth

- Connect with a family member/friends

- Go for a walk

- Practice gratitude

- Read your goals

- Wash the dishes

- Shower

LEVEL UP (Intermediate)

- Write in a journal

- Drink more water

- Stretch

- Do a puzzle

- Read your affirmations

- Floss

- Do something nice for someone else

- Eat breakfast

MASTER (Advanced)

- Study a new language

- Wake up without pressing snooze

- End my daily shower with cold water

- Practice a new skill

- Record yourself speaking on a topic

- Study something you’re interested in

- Write out your GSD

- Thinking without any distractions

- Go to bed at a specific time


I have been utilizing the "21" method of goal setting through Continual Growth and I find it such a no-nonsense approach. It has really help me laser focus on a task and break it down into measurable steps.


After completing my first 21, I noticed a direct change but after my second, I noticed multiple changes in my life. I have gained clarity, motivation and most importantly, I've gotten really good at consistency.

Pierra N.