Safras 2.0 !!!

  1. Where you are now compared to where you were when you started

I’m light years ahead! Sometimes it feels like that person from 5 months ago is dead and gone and I can’t believe I was that person. It’s amazing! I’ve lost weight that I had a hard Time getting rid of. I learned to plan, track progress, and stay consistent with not only the gym but also my nutrition.  I'm much more aware and I know my positive mindset is only going to help me grow from here.

  1. Key benefits you've noticed from Growth Coaching

I’ve learned to be more self-aware of my thoughts and actions. I’ve become more disciplined in building my mindset and my life. I’ve also built consistency, something I always lacked, and all of these have allowed me to go 100% at life which includes my mindset, my body, my relationships, my happiness, my career, and my business. Specific examples would be: I’ve had to learn boxing and swimming on my “New Year's resolutions” for over 3 years but I was too afraid to start. Now I swim once a week (without fear) and box once a week. Heck, I even MEDITATE and read. Last time I read was in grade 3!

  1. Why you would recommend it to someone who is looking to create happiness through growth

Let's put it this way. I’ve done some decently good stuff in my life financially. But I always felt empty. I couldn’t figure out what it was. But now I get it. I knew deep down in my soul that I wasn’t actually growing, I wasn’t giving life my 100% and I felt like the same person, day over day, week over week, and year over year.

Now it’s different. I wake up daily, happy and excited to conquer the day. I read my goals, I meditate, I read, I go to the gym and get some endorphins, and then I continue to crush my day without running myself into the ground.

Every single person that I meet and all my friends notice a positive change and now they’re learning to meet me at this level. It’s literally changed all my relationships and all parts of my life! If you’re not growing; you’re dying! I know that’s true from experience. Push limits, crush goals, and win at life.

Side Note:

100%! I’m a numbers guy, and I always look at the ROI (return on investment) on anything I do because if it's low or negative, why waste my time and money.

Well, the coaching  ROI is 1000000X and I don’t say it with exaggeration. It’s affected my mindset and growth opportunity so much so that I’m excited to live my best life - which specifically is the next 100 years!

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