21’s Board – Free Shipping (Canada & USA)
21’s Board – Free Shipping (Canada & USA)

21’s Board – Free Shipping (Canada & USA)

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There was a study done in the British Journal of Health Psychology that found that writing down your intention improved your ability to follow through by 91%. This board is that reminder of what you said you’re going to do to win the day. Each day is an opportunity for a small win. String together 21 small wins and just like that, you’ve built a new healthy habit. This board has helped people build healthy habits, gain confidence and develop discipline and consistency.

Learn How to Build Helthy Habits in 21 days!


I have been utilizing the "21" method of goal setting through Continual Growth and I find it such a no-nonsense approach. It has really help me laser focus on a task and break it down into measurable steps.


After completing my first 21, I noticed a direct change but after my second, I noticed multiple changes in my life. I have gained clarity, motivation and most importantly, I've gotten really good at consistency.

Pierra N.